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Voochr: Forest Club

Forest Club is an initiative by Voochr to offset carbon emissions each month via planting a tree for each member to let one shop guilt-free. Notably, forests cover 30 percent of the land worldwide and harbor the majority of wildlife. The rising rate of deforestation due to human activity has lost over 420 million hectares since 1990.

Data and figures on the state of deforestation in Asia

The initiative combats the threatening deforestation rate, especially in Asia. East Asia has disregarded much of the natural forestlands while Southeast Asia is only behind Latin America in deforestation rates. A significant threat as the region hosts about 15% of the world’s tropical forests with Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand mostly affected. Projections claim that over 50% of the original forest cover and primary rainforest will be lost by the end of 2022. The region loses at least 1.2% of its forests each year. The region’s high deforestation is contributed to land clearing for agriculture and demand for its tropical forest. is particularly interested in the deforestation rate in Indonesia, in particular, is rampant and responsible for approximately 14% of tropical deforestation globally. The research calculates a loss of 610,000 square kilometers of forest in Southeast Asia. The loss contributes to the loss of forest cover makes the area have severe biodiversity loss that could amount to 40% extinction of the region’s biodiversity. As we count forests in Asia, they account for a fifth of the world’s forests and cover approximately 26 percent of land in the region.

Consequences of rampant deforestation in Asia

The impact of deforestation in Asia include :

  • Soil Erosion and Degradation

  • Destroy habitat of iconic large mammals such as the tiger

  • Contributes to Climate Change

Voochr knows it well, tropical forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but the loss of forests contributes to approximately 10% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans annually. It aggravates the impact of climate change.

Malaysia and Indonesia’s palm oil production contributes to 84 percent of global production. It makes it the primary cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia has lost almost 10 million hectares of its original forest in the last 20 years and a 75 percent decrease in forest cover from 2019. The palm oil plantations are responsible for 23% of deforestation in Indonesia and the hectares allocated to the palm oil production contribute to the violation of the national forestry law.

Countries in Southeast Asia continue their work to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the country and contribute to forest regrowth in Asia.

Contribution of Voochr and its users to counter it

The Forest Club and Voochr’s contribution needs to assess whether there is a benefit available at the given time. The Forest Club will counter deforestation as it ensures that we replant trees via NGOs in Asia.

Each customer subscription on in the Forest club is equivalent to 1 tree planted contributing to a step forward against eradicating deforestation. At the Forest Club, we contribute to the carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere and combat the environmental impact generated by e-commerce activities. The fact that we want to grow our very own forest will contribute to saving Asia from deforestation since it is a major problem on the continent. provides a platform to contribute to giving our customers a chance to contribute to planting trees through our Forest Club initiative.

Our platform’s online club ensures that you as a customer make good to contribute to the environmental development in Asia. When we make our forests through the Forest Club, we get one step closer to ensuring we protect our environment. Such initiatives and services are for the greater good of the continent. Supporting the Forest Club shows how our company intends to make good on reducing deforestation in the world and ensuring that we can raise awareness by encouraging people to be a part of saving our forests. Every day is a step closer to contributing to the war against global deforestation. When we join and subscribe to, we contribute to making our forest and making Asia green again. The help we get from the NGOs makes us grow daily, and fight this challenge that affects our continent.

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